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Let's Jam!
Creative Music Workshops

A series of creative music workshops designed for young people of all abilities aged between 13 and 18, with or without music knowledge or experience. Through a sharing and collaborative environment, workshop participants were part of a music-making creative collective and encouraged to try out music ideas.

Project timeline: June 2023

Project supported by Shetland Charitable Trust and Shetland Arts.

Transforming the Tale of the Whale

An immersive storytelling/music journey that celebrates whales and revisits the tales and songs that have shaped the whaling heritage from Shetland and beyond.

Project timeline: October 2022
Part of Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2022, supporting Scotland's Year of Stories 2022.

Community Voices:
Memories and Stories of Island People

A docufilm that unveils personal perspectives of pandemic and post-pandemic community resilience and human connection, told through words, animation and film. It is the result of  a participatory arts project that invited the contribution of people of all ages and from diverse backgrounds to share their life experiences on Shetland during the challenging pandemic period.

Project timeline: March 2021 - March 2022

Project supported by The Prince of Wales's Charitable Fund and Shetland Arts

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Nordic Nights

Soar up in the skies and dive down into the water’s depths on a storytelling journey of wonder, trickery and hope.

Project timeline: February - March 2022
Part of Curious Pilgrims' Reconnect! Programme, supported by the Communities Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund.

Drum Connections

A series of four community drumming sessions designed to create a fun and exciting group experience through the use of drums that are easy to play. Drum Connections is a truly inclusive activity that people of all abilities and needs can enjoy while promoting well-being of the individual and engagement within a community.

Project timeline: February - March 2022
Part of Curious Pilgrims' Reconnect! Programme, supported by the Communities Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund.

Sonic Outreach

Sonic Outreach explores, celebrates and promotes the natural environment through sound with the use of audio technology and creative strategies.

Sonic Outreach was held in Shetland (as part of Year of Coasts and Water 2020/2021) and in The Faroe Islands (as part of Nordic Music Days 2021).

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Past projects

Prescription delivery service

Project supported by The Prince’s Countryside Fund

Project timeline: May - October 2020

Covering an area of 11 square miles, Bressay is a small island linked to mainland Shetland through a roll-on/roll-off ferry service. Our project, made possible by The Prince’s Countryside Fund, offered a free prescription delivery service to our immediate community providing emergency response in time of need.

Through this project we assisted 68 individuals, and delivered approximately 490 prescriptions throughout the project’s six-month duration.

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