Who We Are

Curious Pilgrims is a young not-for-profit organisation based on The Shetland Islands, Scotland’s most northerly group of isles located at 60º N and shaped by the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea.

Inspired by Shetland and its people, Curious Pilgrims is a platform through which our community - Shetland residents and anyone with an interest in this region of the world - can connect through the arts and the natural world to improve physical and mental wellbeing, and ultimately, to contribute towards improving or sustaining the quality of life of our community.


Renzo & Gaby

Co-Founders & Co-Directors

In 2018 we travelled to Shetland to glean audio and video field recordings for a multimedia arts project that focussed on Renzo's personal artistic responses to the particular atmospheres that Shetland embodies, and his presence within them. We both spent long hours outdoors, and over the next two years we travelled frequently to various areas of the isles, immersing ourselves in Shetland’s ‘rawness’ and being inspired by its landscape and the people.

This was the start of our new journey as Curious Pilgrims.

Renzo Spiteri

Renzo Spiteri is a sound/multimedia artist, field recordist, composer and multi-percussionist who has been active in the international arts circuit as a freelance creative for over thirty years, collaborating as well as leading his own projects.

Renzo uses the sonic environment of the natural world around him as a primary source of raw material to bring about a deeper sensorial engagement between listeners/audiences, the natural environment and his work. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Sound Arts from Oxford Brookes University, and his on-going research focuses on site-responsive and site-specific installation and performance aesthetics as responses to rural environmental atmospheres.


Gaby Giacchino

Gaby Giacchino is a freelance arts project manager and pharmacist with a particular interest in holistic wellbeing and community engagement. She has an inquisitive nature and an entrepreneurial spirit, with a passion for the arts, the natural world and the outdoors.

Throughout the years she has applied her wide-ranging skills to initiate creative collaborations and has assisted arts practitioners with management, digital communications, fundraising and marketing. She holds a Master degree in Knowledge-Based Entrepreneurship.


What We Do

Curious Pilgrims adopts a community-centric approach to reach out to people, promoting increased community spirit, engagement and interaction. We collaborate with other creative practitioners, nature enthusiasts and organisations to initiate and produce a wide-range of artistic, cultural, educational and natural world/environment related projects, events and activities, all designed to provide opportunities for public engagement and participation.

Have a read through our projects to learn more about what we do and how we work to support our community and bring about positive wellbeing.

And please do get in touch with us! 


Culture & The Arts

Sunset in Shetland

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