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Drum Connections

Relax, have fun and drum!

Drum Connections is a series of four community drumming sessions designed to create a fun and exciting group experience through the use of drums that are easy to play.

These expressive and collaborative sessions are a truly inclusive community activity that everyone will enjoy while promoting well-being of the individual and engagement within a community.

We will start each session by learning the basics of hand drumming, but since the sounds and results are immediate, we will quickly progress and expand our abilities to incorporate different rhythms that fit easily together, converting the group into a small but fantastic drumming ensemble.

Group drumming is quick and easy to learn so no prior musical knowledge is required. It only takes a few minutes for a beginner to join in the fun and become fully immersed in the excitement of connecting and engaging with others and creating music together. Participants listen and respond, and work together in a playful manner so that individual sounds quickly become a harmonious whole.

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Our Workshop Facilitator

Percussionist Renzo Spiteri is an internationally respected creative musician with a performance career spanning more than 30 years. He specialises in cross-artistic and cross-cultural collaborations, and his percussion workshops are highly sought after. He has performed in major international festivals and venues, leading his own projects and collaborations and using the universal language of music to bring people from diverse cultural and artistic backgrounds together.

Drum Connections: About Us

"Have been to drum circles with Renzo Spiteri. Very fun and exciting. Highly recommended."

A. Scerri, workshop participant

Drum Connections: Quote
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Drum Connections was delivered by Curious Pilgrims as part of its Reconnect! Programme supported by the Communities Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund. With additional support from Shetland Arts.

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