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We're so proud to have received the Shetland Community Spirit Award!

It's been a strange and trying time for everyone, but it's during times like these when the resilience of communities shines.

Following a call by Voluntary Action Shetland for people to nominate individuals and organisations

who have volunteered and supported their communities during Covid-19, we are absolutely thrilled and delighted to be amongst the recipients of the Shetland Community Spirit Awards.

Executive Officer Catherine Hughson said: “Over the past few months we have seen volunteering at its very best in Shetland, these awards have given people the opportunity to show their appreciation for those who have helped out and shown kindness during this time.”

Renzo and I would like to thank the individual/s or organisation on Bressay who nominated Curious Pilgrims for this award.


Shetland Community Spirit Awards recipients included 35 individuals, 12 local shops, 1 community and 12 organisations and businesses:

  • Akira Foster of Lerwick who went above and beyond to support and help out

  • Alison Reid of Bressay for working her socks off, going above and beyond to help the elderly and vulnerable people in her community

  • Andrea Watt of Walls for supporting others in her community

  • Beverley McIntosh of Vidlin for helping others in her community

  • Bigton Community for coming together and supporting their community during the COVID-19 lockdown

  • Brae Foodbank for helping people in the community in their time of need

  • Bressay Development Ltd for taking the initiative and trying new things to keep the community close and together during Lockdown

  • Bressay Shop & Alison Reid & Volunteers for their amazing efforts and brilliant service

  • Busta House Hotel for their go-ahead spirit, amazing work and serving their community

  • Celia Smith of Lerwick for going above and beyond to ensure Community Spirit was kept alive and well and has done so much to help others in her community

  • Colin Clark of Gulberwick for his lifeline services to his community

  • David Grieve and Volunteers of the Shetland Foodbank for an amazing job and being a lifeline to those in need in our community

  • Denise Johnson and the Lunnasting Hall Committee for putting together information and a welcome support package for every household in Vidlin and ongoing support to the local community

  • Doug Forrest of Walls for helping in his community

  • Edwin and Lesley Leslie for delivering medication and helping to support others in their community

  • Elizabeth Johnson of Uyeasound in Unst for delivering prescriptions on behalf of the community

  • Elliot Callieu from Vidlin for supporting others in his community

  • Ewan Anderson and the Dogs Against Drugs team for reaching out to wider community and making a positive difference to morale

  • Faye Cox of Unst for her energy and enthusiasm in helping to keep Unst healthy and fit and also setting up a local community support page

  • Frankie Valente, Clerk of Lerwick Community Council for making a huge difference to people in her community through her efforts and also reviving the community council garden awards

  • Freefield Pharmacy, Lerwick for brilliant service for their community and keeping folk safe

  • Gaby Giacchino and Renzo Spiteri – The Curious Pilgrims of Bressay for delivering prescriptions and helping to support their community

  • Geordie Laurenson of Walls for supporting and helping others in his community including delivering messages, cutting grass and supplying fun hand sanitisers to local bairns

  • Gordon Thomson of Unst who is providing constant support to the community and the Unst charity shop

  • Gus Dow of Bigton for his services to the community by making baguettes at weekends

  • Helena Spence of Yell for arranging care bags for children in the isle and her kindness

  • Iris Sandison of Walls for helping others in her community distributing vouchers to the over 70s

  • Island Fish Shetland Ltd for brilliant and cheerful service for their community

  • Jackie Townshend of Sandwick for helping others in her community

  • Jane Cluness of Bridge of Walls for supporting others in her community

  • Janet Dunnet of Sandwick for collecting and delivering prescriptions and helping others in her community since the start of lockdown

  • Janet Laing of Walls for supporting others in her community

  • Jim Tait of Walls for leading a sailing series for others in Shetland

  • John Goudie, Toab Shop for their brilliant service during Lockdown

  • John Herculson and staff of John I Herculson’s Shop for their helpful and cheerful service and going above and beyond for their community

  • Julia Odie of Voe for supporting others in her community by delivering messages to vulnerable residents

  • Karen Eunson, Staff and Volunteers of Shetland Islands CAB for offering essential help, support and advice to everyone who needs it during challenging times

  • Kerry Geddes of Gulberwick Clerk for Gulberwick, Quarff and Cunningsburgh Community Council for her outstanding efforts to her community

  • Kevin and Hilary Smith of the Walls Shop offering an invaluable service and doing a really super job for their community

  • Mainlands Mini Market for their wonderful help and cheery service to their community

  • Mairi Jamieson of Sandwick for helping other in her community

  • Margaret Roberts of Northmavine for supporting staff and  going above and beyond for those in her community

  • Mary Grace Anderson of Whalsay for her amazing efforts in making scrubs for NHS Shetland

  • Paul Fowler of Fetlar for doing anything for anyone whatever the weather

  • Roma Stevenson of Scalloway for helping others

  • R.S. Henderson of Cullivoe – Louise and Steven Henderson for their outstanding efforts and service to their community

  • Sandwick Baking Company for providing a brilliant service and going above and beyond for their community

  • Sandwick Economic Development Company SCIO (SEDCo) for providing very important services to their community

  • Scalloway Meat Company for their helpfulness, willingness and a great service to their community

  • Shetland Scrubs Facebook Page and Organisers for their amazing efforts in organising, making and distributing scrubs throughout Shetland

  • Shona Wishart of Gulberwick for her lifeline services to her community

  • Sound Service Station for doing a brilliant job and their sterling service to the community

  • Staff at Peerie Foxes: Kayleigh Anderson, Kirsty Odie, Madison Gibbs and Anita Keith for amazing care and support to keyworkers children

  • Support for Self-Isolation Shetland Facebook Page and Organisers for offering vital support and keeping everyone informed helping both those isolating and those who wanted to help others

  • Susan Couper of Walls for supporting others in her community by delivering prescriptions

  • Tagon Stores for hard work and dedication to the community and offering a brilliant service

  • Terry & Grace McCaffrey of Scalloway for their kindness to others in their community

  • Venitta Atkinson of the Walls Shop for doing a super job and offering a great service

  • Vivienne Henry of Whalsay for her amazing effort in making scrubs for NHS Shetland

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